DVD - Video Benefit Services

In today's competitive marketplace it's vital your benefit offerings are in the limelight, accurately presented and clearly understood... You can't afford less.   The DVD is perfect for your orientations.  It assures a consistent orientation and it "documents what was said".  

Our communication programs will provide a total solution and they are value added. See a 11 minute demonstration of our DVD benefit video and imagine how this might help your organization.

DVD Demo
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  • Requires flash player 8.0 or higher
  • Broadband required
  • The menu system is omitted from this demo.
  • DVD quality is higher than this demo.

Our benefit video is one of a kind. You control the content.  Your employees and their families see their universe of benefits and better understand them.  The single most important ingredient to help gain control of health care cost over time is employee education.
  • Education about healthy living and preventive lifestyles

  • Education about benefit plans and the most efficient ways to use them

  • Education to become a competent health care buyer

We custom model 3D animation for your company in award winning 3D Studio Max.  We use a state of the art VT5 non-linear editing suite, broadcasting to an array of media masters such as DVD, Flash, Mpg, broadband internet, CD.  Our production facilities are in-house which allow us full control over the total project.  This is a quality interactive presentation for your employees, their families, your orientations, and it's "value added".  A word about communication & quality.

Key Benefits
  • Employees and their families understand their benefits

  • Customization - Both the graphic design and content are customized for you

  • Enhances your employer image to the entire family

  • Presents all the benefits of working for you

  • Provides legal documentation of orientations and benefit offerings

  • Assures your orientations are consistent

  • Saves you time by reducing general inquires to HR about the benefit plans

  • You know the importance & expense of these benefits, so must your employees

  • View the benefits of video

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