Medicare General

CMS home site
Medicare home site
Learn about part A, B, C, and D coverage - quick overview
Your Medicare benefits
Medicare plan finder     Medicare plan finder video podcast
Find a Medicare physician
Medicare eligibility & enrollment tool

Medicare co-payment and premium schedule for 2013
Medicare co-payment and premium schedule for 2012
Medicare co-payment and premium schedule archives
Medicare and you 2014
Compare hospitals in Memphis and elsewhere
Healthcare coverage directory for people with Medicare
Medicare preventive services
Glossary explaining terms in Medicare
Medicare basics - A guide for caregivers
Frequently asked questions about Medicare
Getting a second opinion before surgery
Helpful Medicare contacts
Medicare 35th anniversary profile
USA Gov for seniors

Medicare Part D (Pharmaceutical)

Medicare Advantage                                              

Medicare personal plan finder
What are the Medicare health plan
Medicare plan comparison grid
Understanding private fee for service Medicare plans


Guide to choosing a Medigap policy 2013
Medigap 2002-A PowerPoint overview
Tips on  purchasing  a  Medigap  policy
Medigap rights

Medicare Home Healthcare

Compare home health care agencies in your area

Medicare Nursing Home and Long-Term Care

Compare nursing homes in your area
Nursing home check list
Types of long-term care
Steps to choosing long term-care
Long term care  
Abundance of long-term care information & studies.

Medicare Law

Medicare appeals and grievance
Your Medicare rights & protections
Credible coverage guidance and model disclosure notice

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