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Our main brokerage focus is employee benefits. We are committed to a high standard in doing business.  We deliver top quality service and maintain quality insurer relations.


We use cutting edge technology to provide a vast array of unique products and services. Our systems are developed to provide analytical information in a simple and understandable format.  Below are a few examples of the advantages we offer our clients:

  • Your best interest is put first

  • A solid working relationship with quality national insurers and third party administrators

  • Cost conscious, quality marketing directed by each client's objectives

  • Extensive case design experience

  • Broad experience with traditional and alternately funded medical plans

  • Quality, value added services

  • Communication assistance via three mediums - written, visual, audio

  • Creative online benefit communication

  • In-house state of the art multimedia production facilities to help understand and educate

  • Newsletters

  • Proprietary analytical systems

We have purposely remained independent in order to provide our clients with the most objective and unbiased approach to the placement of their insurance, consulting, and communication needs.

Our standard brokerage services

Provided to all group clients:
  • Analysis - Insured and Alternately Funded Plans

  • Plan Design Assistance

  • Field Underwriting

  • Liaison

  • Objectivity

  • Renewals - Market & plan analysis

  • Communications - Employer & Employee

  • Administrative Support

  • Claim Resolution

  • Executive Benefit Summaries

  • Newsletters

  • Putting your interest first

We give you more - It's that simple


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