Disability Insurance

Disability coverage is affordable and one of the most important coverages you can offer.  In today's competitive job market, you can't afford not to offer group disability.  These products offer a low cost solution for short and long term income protection for your employees.  We can arrange special classes of coverage for key employees.  You just can't beat the income protection derived from group disability when you consider the low per employee cost.  We can arrange employer paid or voluntary plans. View some benefits of short term disability, a perspective on disability insurance,  a fact of disability and the discriminatory effects in some contracts for high income earners.  Take the disability awareness quiz or determine how much you need.

Read about real life situations and what disability insurance meant to their continuing life.  Your odds of a long term disability.

  • Low cost/high benefit ratio

  • 60% of covered payroll is standard - variables are available

  • Executive classes can be provided

  • Employees recognize the importance of the benefit

  • 46% of all home repossessions are due to disability

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